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  • Industry Magazine: A Recipe for Success

    “We have a lot of confidence in New Jersey,” Fakahany said. “It’s a bit more casual with very strong food quality.”

  • The Today Show: A tasty alternative to chicken parmesan, Chicken Petroniana

    Make a delicious dinner with Chef Michael White's special version of Chicken Parm...

  • Industry Magazine: An Osteria in Bernardsville offers authentic Italian flavors and ingredients in a family-style setting

    Osteria Morini brings its flavors to New Jersey. 

  • NJ Star Ledger: Three Stars Awarded to Osteria Morini

    Osteria Morini: Casual, but Still Captivating

  • NJ Monthly: Three Stars Awarded to Osteria Morini

    Sensing a shift in public mood, a leading Italian restaurant remakes itself in the more casual mode of a country osteria.

  • NJ Star Ledger: Top 10 Not-So-New Restaurants in NJ

    Order Osteria Morini’s unforgettable garganelli with cream, truffle butter, peas and prosciutto. Or the gramigna, with house-made sausage. Or the lasagna Bolognese, with its postcard-thin layers, its rich, antique sauce.

  • NJ Star Ledger: Best First Date Restaurants

    If you can’t woo someone with a warm bowl of pasta followed by olive oil cake and ricotta crème, well, then, perhaps someone is not worth wooing.

  • The New York Times: Out of One Frying Pan, and Into Another

    After a lucrative — and quite controversial — career at Merrill Lynch, Mr. Fakahany, 53, is bringing a Wall Street sensibility to a business that can make investment banking seem easy by comparison: running restaurants. And, so far, he’s been very, very good at it.

  • NJ Monthly: Table Hopping with Rosie

    They certainly impressed us, and we look forward to returning to this restaurant.

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